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"The art district 7 galleries in Vanchiglia" by Olga Gambari - la Repubblica - December 21, 2017

thursday 21 december 2017 - 10:28

By Olga Gambari


Vanchiglia old village close to the center, continues to grow in the name of a vertical concrete and creativity, so far away from gentrification.
An intersection of streets where they follow each other on the street and in the courtyards of artists, laboratories, artisans and locals along with historic shops.
In this microcosm, where once lived in Carlo Mollino and Carol Rama, seven galleries have taken their home over time, creating an ideal walk through the neighborhood...Read more.



la Repubblica


"DIALOGHI" Franco Tosi curated by Marco Sassone - Exhibition Catalogue - metroquadro Art Gallery - Turin - Italy - December 2017

saturday 16 december 2017 - 09:29


by Franco Tosi




...Life Line, Moments, 3°7'2017'', Faith...

The Gallery will be open for the closing of Franco Tosi solo exhibition until late in the evening.

Will be presented the newly published limited edition catalogue for the exhibition.


Metroquadro Art Gallery




" Chaudelune. Tredici stasimi per un canto alla Luna " curated by Alberto Gross - Exhibition Catalogue, Grafiche Zannini - Galleria Fondantico - Bologna - Italy - January 2017

sunday 22 january 2017 - 13:28


" Deve sempre ritornare il mattino? Mai non finirà la violenza di ciò che è terrestre? Un nefasto affaccendarsi divora il volo celeste della notte ( ..) E eterna è la durata del sonno. (...) Solo i folli ti disconoscono e ignorano un sonno diverso dall'ombra (...) Non ti sentono nell'aureo fiotto del grappolo, nell'olio prodigioso del mandorlo e nel bruno succo del papavero". ( Novalis , "Inni alla notte" II)...


" La realtà visionaria di tredici bolognesi " By Nicoletta Barberini Mengoli - il Resto del Carlino - January 20, 2017

friday 20 january 2017 - 10:03

By Nicoletta Barberini Mengoli


A breath of contemporary to Fondantico Gallery by Tiziana Sassoli. Chaudelune. A breath of contemporary to Fondantico Gallery Tiziana Sassoli. Chaudelune. " Tredici stasimi per un canto alla Luna " is an exhibition curated by Edoardo Battistini at ArtCity, which opens tomorrow at 17. Also present in the Setup Contemporary Art 2017 circuits, exposure employs 13 young Bolognese artists, as he says Battistini, have recently entered the contemporary art world and are united by a passion for art that is identified in painting, graphics and mixed media collage.

Read more ...



il Resto del Carlino



" Fondantico canta alla Luna " E apre al contemporaneo - Curated by Vedere a Bologna - Il Giornale dell'Arte - n. 371 January 2017
monday 09 january 2017 - 09:32

Curated by Vedere a Bologna


Entitled "Chaudelune. Thirteen stasimi for singing to the moon ", the collective is an overview of the most advanced forms of this language, which emerges willingness to creep into the gray area between reality sensitive visionary from the immaterial world.

This is the theme they watched the curators Edward Battistini Alberto Gross, identified with the symbolic moon suspended between light and darkness, real and allegory, knowledge and transcendence, mentioned in the title.




Il Giornale dell'Arte n.371

" Crowds Flock to Art Miami and CONTEXT, Where Blue-Chip Art Reigns " Art Net News - By Eileen Kinsella, November 30, 2016
sunday 11 december 2016 - 09:50

By Eileen Kinsella

A few blocks north of Art Miami, the large new locale for sister fair CONTEXT Art Miami, also in a bespoke white tent, was heating up as well. The fair, founded in 2012, focuses on emerging and mid-career artists.

Dealer Marco Sassone, owner of Metroquadro Gallery in Turin, was showing, among other works, conceptual photographs by Palestinian artist Steve Sabella, whose work focuses on creating a new reality in the face of conflict. Like other dealers, Sassone noted the overflow and repeat visitors from Art Miami who keep returning to the fair, which he has participated in for the last four years.

This year, CONTEXT included a special focus on galleries from Seoul. Curator Jihyun Cha of Artpark Gallery, which showed work by Joonsung Bae and Yongjin Kim, said a move to CONTEXT from SCOPE satellite fair last year had been motivated partly by the appeal of attracting the Art Miami crowd.



Art Net News

" Frieze/New York e Art Basel/Basel " Juliet Art Magazine - By Luciano Marucci - n.179 October-November, 2016
saturday 08 october 2016 - 10:21

By Luciano Marucci


...In Pier 94 at Context New York were included international galleries they wanted to avoid overspending; most frequented by Collectors looking for low prices. Only two Italian: metroquadro, Torino (Mel Bochner, Sergio Cascavilla, Franco Tosi) and Liquid Art System, Capri (GRAMA, M. Bastiani, M. Grassi, W. Verginer, A. Sannino).



Juliet n.179


"Speciale Design Week - Luce e materia " Il Resto del Carlino - curated by SpeeD - September 28, 2016
sunday 02 october 2016 - 07:59

By SpeeD

...Bene si integrano in questo percorso le opere di grandi dimensioni di Franco Tosi che alternano la materia di "Variazioni in Azzurro", alla luce non celata del nero "Senza Titolo".

Un'esposizione di grande impatto che riesce a fondere all'interno dello stesso ambiente due elementi focali come la Luce e la Materia. Read more...



il Resto del Carlino

" metroquadro sbarca in città " La Stampa - by Monica Trigona, Torino 7 Arte - June 17, 2016
sunday 26 june 2016 - 11:13

By Monica Trigona


Eight years after the opening of Rivoli, the metroquadro gallery moved its headquarters in Turin, in Corso San Maurizio 73 / F where, on June 23, opens the new space with a collective of artists who in recent years have characterized . On this occasion, Metroquadro will also present the works of Franco Tosi, just who joined the gallery. On show works by Mel Bochner, The Bounty Killart, Sergio Cascavilla, Martina Di Trapani, Shara Hughes, Erwin Olaf, Monique Rollins, Franco Tosi and Steve Sabella.



La Stampa


Torino Sette Article

" How to Make the Most of the Frieze Week Art Fairs " The New York Times - By Daniel McDermon - May 4, 2016
sunday 12 june 2016 - 10:03


A tsunami of contemporary and modern art is arriving in New York City this week, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Running from now through the weekend are at least nine art fairs, with work by thousands of artists and dealers from dozens of countries. That's in addition to the city's standing array of art offerings, comprising hundreds of gallery and museum shows.

Not to mention the boatloads of public art on view.

There is far more than one person could see, much of it up for just a few days before it's trundled off to someone's private collection.

For a nonexpert, with an appetite for art but a limited amount of time and money, this situation calls for careful strategizing. So we asked some veteran fairgoers for tips on how to make the most of it.

"Dress to impress — the people-watching is half the fun," said Melena Ryzik, a culture reporter who has covered several art fairs for The New York Times. "And don't be shy about engaging the gallery assistants; often their seeming aloofness is just a mask for boredom, and they are happy to answer questions."

Martha Schwendener, a critic for The Times, warned against trying too hard to see everything. "Even if you feel that you have been extraordinarily conscientious and thorough — and even if you're an expert art viewer — one of your friends (or maybe one of your frenemies) is going to say: ‘Oh, you didn't see X? That was incredible! You really missed out.'"

Other suggestions: Arrive early. The crowds get thicker in the afternoon. Your phone's battery will not last all day, so carry a charger. And note that while admission prices can be steep, many fairs offer discounts for students, seniors or young people.

Now, what sort of experience are you looking for? Read more....



The New York Times

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