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" How to Make the Most of the Frieze Week Art Fairs " The New York Times - By Daniel McDermon - 4 Maggio 2016

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A tsunami of contemporary and modern art is arriving in New York City this week, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Running from now through the weekend are at least nine art fairs, with work by thousands of artists and dealers from dozens of countries. That's in addition to the city's standing array of art offerings, comprising hundreds of gallery and museum shows.

Not to mention the boatloads of public art on view.

There is far more than one person could see, much of it up for just a few days before it's trundled off to someone's private collection.

For a nonexpert, with an appetite for art but a limited amount of time and money, this situation calls for careful strategizing. So we asked some veteran fairgoers for tips on how to make the most of it.

"Dress to impress — the people-watching is half the fun," said Melena Ryzik, a culture reporter who has covered several art fairs for The New York Times. "And don't be shy about engaging the gallery assistants; often their seeming aloofness is just a mask for boredom, and they are happy to answer questions."

Martha Schwendener, a critic for The Times, warned against trying too hard to see everything. "Even if you feel that you have been extraordinarily conscientious and thorough — and even if you're an expert art viewer — one of your friends (or maybe one of your frenemies) is going to say: ‘Oh, you didn't see X? That was incredible! You really missed out.'"

Other suggestions: Arrive early. The crowds get thicker in the afternoon. Your phone's battery will not last all day, so carry a charger. And note that while admission prices can be steep, many fairs offer discounts for students, seniors or young people.

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