Franco Tosi

" Sogno o son desto?" curated by Claudio Spadoni - Magazzini del Sale Cervia - Ravenna - Italy

friday 22 july 2022 - 09:19


curated by Claudio Spadoni






Inaugurated in the evocative setting of the Magazzini del Sale in Cervia, the exhibition that Cna Ravenna gives as always to the city of Cervia in the summer: "Sogno o son desto?", Curated by prof. Claudio Spadoni. An exhibition of high artistic level with works by over forty artists from different generations, covering over a century of art history.
The exhibition, which will remain open until 21 August, is organized in three sections: the first, that of nocturnes, examines the nocturnal landscape not only in a physical sense, but also in a figurative sense; the second, which gives the exhibition its title, "Sogno o son desto?", speaks of daydreams, of strange, hallucinating visions; the last section, "The dream of the ancient, the contemporary imagination", unites artists who reinterpret the past through very different languages, and some others taken from the imagination of our time.




"Defrazioni" Franco Tosi Curated by Beatrice Buscaroli - Exhibition Catalogue - Di Paolo Arte Gallery - Bologna - Italy - 2021/2022

saturday 27 november 2021 - 12:18


By Franco Tosi






This neologism comes from the term used in computer science for the decomposition and recomposition of the hard disk of the hardware, called "Defrag". The derivation "Defrazioni" is in effect a word that does not exist in the Italian language but that goes well with my idea of art, at this specific moment and these new works. Defragmentation of the surface of the picture and its and recomposition by exploiting the materiality and ductility of the mediums. Sometimes you tear other holes, in a dialogue with the surface itself, where the impetuousness of the first phase is appeased by the methodality of the second. This is in search of the perfect sequence, where there is nothing perfect, after all.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Franco Tosi




‘Defrazioni', inaugura l'indagine introspettiva di Franco Tosi - il Resto del Carlino - November 27, 2021

saturday 27 november 2021 - 11:31

The editorial staff


The Di Paolo Arte gallery hosts the Franco Tosi "Defrazioni"solo exhibition, curated by Beatrice Buscaroli. The inauguration is scheduled at 6 pm, with the exhibition that will be visible to the public until January 25, 2022. Born in Magenta in 1962, Franco Tosi began exhibiting from the beginning of the new millennium focusing his artistic reflection on the processes that affect the relationship between mental image and physical sensation. Read more...




il Resto del Carlino




"Le astrazioni pittoriche di franco Tosi in mostra" by Gianni Milani - il Torinese - November 18 2021

thursday 18 november 2021 - 08:15

By Gianni Milani


"My paintings were painted using the scale of existence and not the institutional one": so said the great Marck Rotcko, an American painter of Latvian origin (who committed suicide in 1970) and acknowledged father of "Color Field Painting" - painting as " colored field ". Abstract spaces of vibrant color in which there is no trace of human figures, but only total "ecstasy". Tragedy and ecstasy. Art as life. Colors as essential wings for journeys towards absolute emotions. Words and dimensions in which I think Franco Tosi, Bolognese by adoption (but born in Magenta in '62), to whom Marco Sassone's "metroquadro" Gallery dedicates today at the same time, four years after his last solo show in Turin, can be well recognized. two exhibitions with extremely clear and significant titles: one "Insight" hosted in the Galleria in Corso San Maurizio and the other "Inside" in the spaces of the "NH Hotel Santo Stefano" in Via Porta Palatina.Read more...




il Torinese

"Insight e Inside, il mondo astratto di Franco Tosi" di Angelo Mistrangelo - La Stampa - Torino Sette - November 6 2021
saturday 06 november 2021 - 18:56

By Angelo Mistrangelo


The "Insight" exhibition by the artist Franco Tosi will be inaugurated on Saturday 6 November, from 11 to 23, in the premises of the Metroquadro Gallery in Corso San Maurizio 73 / F (until 18 December). An encounter with images in abstract form that interact with the environment, in a sort of overview between introspection and revealed interiority, expressive research and scratched and delicate backgrounds in the surrender of the subject. Read more...



La Stampa

"The art district 7 galleries in Vanchiglia" by Olga Gambari - la Repubblica - December 21, 2017
thursday 21 december 2017 - 10:28

By Olga Gambari


Vanchiglia old village close to the center, continues to grow in the name of a vertical concrete and creativity, so far away from gentrification.
An intersection of streets where they follow each other on the street and in the courtyards of artists, laboratories, artisans and locals along with historic shops.
In this microcosm, where once lived in Carlo Mollino and Carol Rama, seven galleries have taken their home over time, creating an ideal walk through the neighborhood...Read more.



la Repubblica

"DIALOGHI" Franco Tosi curated by Marco Sassone - Exhibition Catalogue - metroquadro Art Gallery - Turin - Italy - December 2017
saturday 16 december 2017 - 09:29


by Franco Tosi




...Life Line, Moments, 3°7'2017'', Faith...

The Gallery will be open for the closing of Franco Tosi solo exhibition until late in the evening.

Will be presented the newly published limited edition catalogue for the exhibition.


Metroquadro Art Gallery



" Chaudelune. Tredici stasimi per un canto alla Luna " curated by Alberto Gross - Exhibition Catalogue, Grafiche Zannini - Galleria Fondantico - Bologna - Italy - January 2017
sunday 22 january 2017 - 13:28


" Deve sempre ritornare il mattino? Mai non finirà la violenza di ciò che è terrestre? Un nefasto affaccendarsi divora il volo celeste della notte ( ..) E eterna è la durata del sonno. (...) Solo i folli ti disconoscono e ignorano un sonno diverso dall'ombra (...) Non ti sentono nell'aureo fiotto del grappolo, nell'olio prodigioso del mandorlo e nel bruno succo del papavero". ( Novalis , "Inni alla notte" II)...

" La realtà visionaria di tredici bolognesi " By Nicoletta Barberini Mengoli - il Resto del Carlino - January 20, 2017
friday 20 january 2017 - 10:03

By Nicoletta Barberini Mengoli


A breath of contemporary to Fondantico Gallery by Tiziana Sassoli. Chaudelune. A breath of contemporary to Fondantico Gallery Tiziana Sassoli. Chaudelune. " Tredici stasimi per un canto alla Luna " is an exhibition curated by Edoardo Battistini at ArtCity, which opens tomorrow at 17. Also present in the Setup Contemporary Art 2017 circuits, exposure employs 13 young Bolognese artists, as he says Battistini, have recently entered the contemporary art world and are united by a passion for art that is identified in painting, graphics and mixed media collage.

Read more ...



il Resto del Carlino



" Fondantico canta alla Luna " E apre al contemporaneo - Curated by Vedere a Bologna - Il Giornale dell'Arte - n. 371 January 2017
monday 09 january 2017 - 09:32

Curated by Vedere a Bologna


Entitled "Chaudelune. Thirteen stasimi for singing to the moon ", the collective is an overview of the most advanced forms of this language, which emerges willingness to creep into the gray area between reality sensitive visionary from the immaterial world.

This is the theme they watched the curators Edward Battistini Alberto Gross, identified with the symbolic moon suspended between light and darkness, real and allegory, knowledge and transcendence, mentioned in the title.




Il Giornale dell'Arte n.371

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