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" Mitosi " - show catalogue curated by Christian Vasciarelli added to the Watsonline database and Thomas J. Watson Library of Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York - 2010

wednesday 03 february 2010 - 22:18

" Mitosis and aggregations "

...and concentric splotches take shape (and come to life) on fertile grounds, cells that interact whith one another, that reproduce, canvases that appear to communicate with each other, separate parts of a single universal vision. A vision that crosses the canvas from one edge to the other, as the eye accompanies the moments marking it. Plaques of color with quivering edges that turn into blubbles, leaving a pleasant sensation of hypnosis in the eyes. Concave spots with convex edges that erupt drops of reflected light, melting into one another. Or splitting, in a triggered mitosis. A reproduction, a duplication, a multiplication of groups of cells, a genesis that on some canvases seems to spring from a wound, spreading out in fragile effervescences.
- Alessandro Dall'Olio ( from Catalogue Mitosi 2008 ) writer and poet.


"Lettura fresca", i libri d'artista in mostra fra C.30 e Medieval Museum - redaction il Resto del Carlino - Culture and Society - September 25, 2008

thursday 25 september 2008 - 06:58

Arte Libro - " La bellezza che sconfina tra le pagine da esporre e i capolavori da sfogliare " - Brunella Torresin - La Repubblica September 25, 2008

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As in the past , but more than in previous years , the Hall of the Palazzo Farnese Accursio will be too small to accommodate all who wish to participate in the inauguration of Artelibro , the festival of the art book , which celebrates the beauty 17.30 of illustrated pages with the words swirling Alexander Berger , actor , writer, artist. Thoughts and Words on the limbs of the art book is the title of his performance, ode to the art superhuman " old customs " that " borders and then trespasses ." Not so far from the spirit with which it will compete on Saturday morning at 12, in the hall of the Stabat Mater Archiginnasio , Eugenio Riccomini , art historian , and Monsignor Ersilio Tonini , Archbishop of Ravenna , in cer of beauty and prayer . Before Alexander Berger , at 15.30 at the Stabat Mater , Undersecretary for Cultural Heritage Francesco Maria Giro inaugurate the exhibition market of antique books and valuable exhibition at the Archaeological Museum. It will remain open until 19 tomorrow starting at 10 . At 19 at Palazzo Re Enzo , you will finally a section dedicated to art book : will be open tonight until 22 pm , tomorrow from 10.30 to 21. Another face of the theater, known and loved, the actress Lella Costa liven up tomorrow , from 19.30 to 21 , still the Stabat Mater , the reading of texts from the sixteenth century to the present day chosen by Vera Fortunati and dedicated to the figures of four artists , Properzia de ' Rossi, Artemisia Gentileschi , Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun and Camille Claudel. It is the other half of the planet art, the less investigated : and this meeting is due to documentation center on the history of women artists of the Province of Bologna.
Artelibro fill themselves the days and evenings of passionate readers and experts until Sunday , offering the possibility ( always free) to hear debates and presentations, visit a myriad of exhibitions, large and small, or simply browse , and wanting to buy , books and periodicals and multimedia, and editions of limited edition art . The publishers exhibiting at Palazzo Re Enzo are seventy , and among them there are giants such as Mondadori Electa or Skira, and precious little reality as Les Trois Ourses or The Magnificent Publishing . Thirty are the antiquarian booksellers gathered all'Archeologico initiative of their national association Alai , and the stands are wonderful things.
Against the background of Artelibro , promoted and organized by Joan and Barbara Fish Abundance, now in its fifth edition , supported by the City , Province , Region, Ministry for Cultural Heritage , University and Fondazione del Monte , acts knowing that the publishing of ' art is one of the major players of the economy of culture : it ensures transmissibility , disclosure, communication. This is the perspective that animates the presentation , sponsored by Unicredit and Unindustria , the White Paper on creativity, on Friday at 18 at the Palazzo Magnani , via Zamboni 20, but also, and increasingly tomorrow at 11:30 am, the conference on refunds . The role of the private sector in the protection of the Italian cultural heritage , sponsored by CARISBO at its headquarters in Via Farini 22.
In the myriad of events, we point out the " Lettura Fresca " , curated by Christian Vasciarelli C30 Contemporary Art Gallery in gallery and Museum Medieval ( until October 13 ) and the homage to the artist's books by Mimmo Paladino, Palazzo Pepoli Via Castiglione 7 (Friday to Sunday at 10-21 ) . Saturday at 11 at the Palazzo Magnani , Unicredit headquarters in Via Zamboni 20 , Anna Octane presents the study days in memory of Federico Zeri . The next day at a meeting bringing together 11 great Italian artists and photographers who have large portraits : Luigi Alders , Giulio Paolini, Michelangelo Pistoletto , Gilberto Zorio and then Mussat Sartor , Nino Migliori, Mimmo Jodice , Elisabetta Catalano , Sandro Becchetti .
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" Quando la pittura è questione di cellule " - Giuseppe Ortolano Il Venerdì di Repubblica nr. 1039 - February 15, 2008

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For biologists , mitosis is the process by which a cell divides into two daughter cells , identical to each other and to the parent cell . Franco Tosi , is a long journey through shapes, materials and colors that give life to a series of paintings and sculptures are united by the imaginary line of color, light and their transitional mutations .
Franco Tosi . MITOSIS Where: Gallery C.30
When: until 29 February info: Free admission

" Luce e volti - Gallerie battistrada di Artefiera " - Chiara Pilati - La Repubblica 19.01.2008
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" Le forme di Tosi "- Il Domani insert of the La Stampa 19.01.2008
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" Mitosi " - show catalogue curated by Christian Vasciarelli - prefazione di Alessandro Dall'Olio
saturday 19 january 2008 - 05:21
Nel chiostro del convento per scoprire il "Giardino segreto" di Franco Tosi - Elisa Del Prete - Il Domani insert of the La Stampa 24.11.2006
friday 24 november 2006 - 07:39
" Tosi, l'astratto dai polpastrelli " by Paola Naldi - La Repubblica 21.11.2006
tuesday 21 november 2006 - 07:42
" Nel giardino segreto di Franco Tosi " - Il Resto del Carlino 11.11.2006
saturday 11 november 2006 - 07:44
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