Franco Tosi

 metroquadro Art Gallery
Turin Italy
from October 26 to December 16, 2017


solo show by
Franco Tosi

The artist Franco Tosi presents at metroquadro in Turin 'Dialoghi',

an overview of his work. From Mitosi, to the subsequent Graffi, to the Landscapes,

until the current series Dialoghi that lends the title to the exhibition;

different periods of his artistic and personal life, in dialogue.


Galleria Fondantico
di Tiziana Sassoli
Bologna Italy
January 21 to February 4, 2017


Entitled "Chaudelune. Thirteen stasimi for singing to the moon ",

is an overview of the most advanced forms of this language,

which emerges willingness to creep into the gray area

between reality sensitive visionary from the immaterial world.

This is the theme they watched the curators Edoardo Battistini Alberto Gross,

identified with the symbolic moon suspended between light and darkness, real and allegory,

knowledge and transcendence, mentioned in the title.


The CONTEXT Art Miami Pavilion
New Location
One Block North of the Art Miami Pavilion
Midtown | Wynwood Arts District
118 NE 34th Street
Miami, FL 33127


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Launched in 2012, CONTEXT Art Miami's open atmosphere creates a meaningful dialogue between artists,
galleries and collectors while providing the ultimate platform for the presentation of mid-career,
emergent and cutting-edge talent by emerging and established galleries.
Ninety-five international galleries, vetted by the CONTEXT Art Miami Selection Committee,
exhibit highlights from their gallery programs, solo artist exhibitions and curated projects.

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