Franco Tosi

" Metaphorà" Solo show curated by Franco Tosi - Coldwell Banker Bologna - Bologna

saturday 03 february 2024 - 11:12

Coldwell Banker Sede di Bologna


solo show by Franco Tosi
from February 3 to March 2, 2024
Accredited event Art City White Night


Saturday February 3, 2024
from 6:00pm, to 12:00pm


From the Greek " meta-phero ", to carry beyond; thus
Franco Tosi's Landscapes. Landscapes with boundaries of their own, traced by horizons of soft, muted but real, tangible colors. Or perhaps just an optical illusion, a visual mismatch beyond the very limits of the canvas. Beyond we can make them our own by intimating them, as inner landscapes, tracing the limits of a common " I," soul and torments. A metaphorà between real and surreal that leaves the viewer total freedom to interpret, give himself answers and go beyond. That beyond conveyed by art, as a medium capable of creating suggestions and inducing us to reflection. These are Tosi's Landscapes, Metaphorà between sincere introspection and fragile reality.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Franco Tosi






" Sogno o son desto?" curated by Claudio Spadoni - Magazzini del Sale Torre - Cervia - Ravenna - Italy

friday 22 july 2022 - 09:43

" Sogno o son desto?


Curated by Claudio Spadoni


From 22 July to 21 August 2022


Magazzini del Sale Torre, Cervia (Ra) - Italy



"Sogno o son desto?" This is the title of the exhibition promoted by CNA Territoriale di Ravenna in concert with the Municipality of Cervia, which will be set up in the Magazzini del Sale in Cervia from 22 July to 21 August 2022. The exhibition will be divided into three sections: Notturni, The daydream; The dream of the ancient and the contemporary imagination, with over forty artists from different generations, covering over a century of history, from the early twentieth century to the present day, or rather from Futurism to the different languages of current events.


"Defrazioni" Solo show - curated by Beatrice Buscaroli - Di Paolo Arte Gallery - Bologna - Italy

sunday 21 november 2021 - 17:57

Di paolo Arte
Galleria falcone Borsellino, 4 a/b




solo show by

Franco Tosi
curated by Beatrice Buscaroli
November 27, 2021 to January 25, 2022


Saturday 27 November 6:00pm




Born in Magenta in 1962, Franco Tosi began exhibiting at the beginning of the "new millennium", focusing his artistic reflection on the processes that affect the relationship between mental image and physical sensation.
His project, the result of series that work side by side without ever forgetting the taste for the very material from which they come - the "Scratches", the "Landscapes", the ceramics, the "Mitoses" - is completed through a form of introspective investigation , a visual translation tool of invisible processes, elusive with the traditional sensitive tools we have at our disposal. In search of a light capable of clarifying the origin to which existence lies, entering the impervious and insidious field of the seminal reasons that govern the very existence of the work.



Di Paolo Arte



" Insight " Solo Show - Metroquadro Arte Gallery - Turin - Italy

sunday 31 october 2021 - 09:26

Metroquadro Arte Gallery

Corso San Maurizio 73/F, Turin - Italy



" Insight "

solo show by

Franco Tosi

fromm November 06 to December 18, 2021



Saturday November 06 6:00pm




Introspection and interiority are the leitmotif of this exhibition. A different way of looking inside where the romanticism of the landscapes, with scratched and soft backgrounds, in turn become the fluidifying agent in which clusters of cells are born and multiply. The romantic part leaves room for reason, subjective and objective meet in a game of roles where nothing is more defined.
Opposing feelings share the same canvas as a warning to the soul, in the evanescence of life.



Press release

" Inside " Solo show - Nh Hotels Santo Stefano - Turin - Italy
sunday 31 october 2021 - 08:22

Nh Hotels Santo Stefano

Via Porta Palatina 19, Turin - Italy



" Inside "

solo show by

Franco Tosi

fromm November 04, 2021 to Jenuary09, 2022



Thursday November 04 6,00pm




On the occasion of the week of art and in conjunction with the personal exhibition at the Galleria Metroquadro Arte in Turin, we are pleased to announce the exhibition "Inside" by Franco Tosi, in the rooms of the Hotel Nh Santo Stefano:

...Light and dark, lights and shadows contrast and dialogue, in abstract form, like "landscapes" of the interiority.
An introspective, profound analysis, where sensations and colors mirror the weaknesses of the ego, in a continuous search for oneself and the fear, perhaps, of finding oneself.




Press release

"CONTEXT art Miami" International Art Fair - Galleria metroquadro Arte Contemporanea - Miami - FL
thursday 21 november 2019 - 10:24



The CONTEXT Art Miami Pavilion


One Herald Plaza @ NE 14th Street | Downtown Miami

On Biscayne Bay Between the Venetian & MacArtur Causeways



Fair Hours


VIP Preview

Tuesday, December 3 | 6pm - 10pm


General Admission

December 4 To December 8 | 11am - 8pm





Second participation by Franco Tosi at the CONTEXT art Miami with the Art Gallery metroquadro, from Turin. Works from the "Mitosi" series of oils on canvas of different sizes will be presented. The metroquadro gallery has participated since the first edition in this International Art Exhibition, where collectors from all over the world and art lovers, meet.






" DIALOGHI " Solo show - Metroquadro Art Gallery - Turin - Italy
monday 23 october 2017 - 11:24

metroquadro Art Gallery San Maurizio 73/F, Turin



solo show by

Franco Tosi

fromm October 26 to December 14, 2017

Opening on Thursday Oct 26 6:30pm



The artist Franco Tosi (1962) presents at metroquadro in Turin 'Dialoghi', an overview of his work. From Mitosi, to the subsequent Graffi, to the Landscapes, until the current series Dialoghi that lends the title to the exhibition; different periods of his artistic and personal life, in dialogue.


Metroquadro Contemporary Art

" Farsetti Arte, Contemporary Art Auctions " Prato May 26-27, 2017
sunday 21 may 2017 - 09:04

Farsetti Arte
Viale della Repubblica (area Museo "Luigi Pecci")
59100 Prato (PO) - ITALY
Phone +39 0574 572400
Fax +39 0574 574132


Auction May 26-27, 2017


First session:

Paintings Drawings Graphic Ssculptures

Friday May 26, hours 3.30 pm


Second session:

Saturday May 27, hours 11:00 am





Farsettiarte, founded in 1955, open in Prato as the Art Gallery, in 1962 the House of Auctions was inaugurated. In 1991, the new premises of Prato were inaugurated alongside the Museum of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci. Modern structure, is the operational headquarters for Farsettiarte exhibitions and auctions.





" Arte Fiera 41esima Edizione e SetUp Contemporary Art Fair " International Art Fairs - Bologna - Italy
sunday 22 january 2017 - 10:55



With the direction of new artistic director Angela Vettese, Arte Fiera is set to hold its 41st edition with an updated version, confirming its identity as the most consolidated and historically rich Italian art fair. From the 27th - 30th January 2017, the longest-running event for Italian modern and contemporary art is set to bring new innovations to the pavilions of BolognaFiere.

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is a contemporary art fair which focuses its attention on emerging artists. Established in 2013, it is now celebrating its fifth edition. It takes place in Bologna during the art week, on the last week of January.

Setup means: "preparing the operations for the next start of a system", and it indicates the fair's intentions: ignite a new process to rethink the art system.

SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is the first and only fair designed to make interact the three key figures of the contemporary art establishment: artist – curator/critic – gallerist. The Bolognese artist Franco Tosi will be present at ArteFiera with Di Paolo Art Gallery of Bologna and SetUp with Metroquadro Gallery in Turin at Stand no. 12.




" Chaudelune. Tredici stasimi per un canto alla Luna " curated by Alberto Gross and Edoardo Battistini - Galleria Fondantico - Bologna - Italy
sunday 15 january 2017 - 11:19

Galleria Fondantico

di Tiziana Sassoli

Via de' Pepoli 6/E - Bologna

January 21 to February 4, 2017


Saturday January 21, 2017

from 5:00 pm

Until February 4

gallery hours: 10:00/1:00 pm - 4:00/ 7:00 pm



It founded and directed by Tiziana Sassòli Fondantico deals with ancient paintings from 1991, in particular of unpublished works. During ArteFiera, however, the two floors of the gallery host from January 21 to February 4, two contemporary painters exhibitions: a monograph by Sergio Vacchi, artist active in the field of Informal, born in Castenaso in 1925 and died in Siena in January 2016, and a group of young artists who are already established.
Entitled "Chaudelune. Thirteen stasimi for singing to the moon ", the collective is an overview of the most advanced forms of this language, which emerges willingness to creep into the gray area between reality sensitive visionary from the immaterial world.

This is the theme they watched the curators Edoardo Battistini Alberto Gross, identified with the symbolic moon suspended between light and darkness, real and allegory, knowledge and transcendence, mentioned in the title. In the essay accompanying the exhibition Alberto Gross describes it: "as a special recognition of the invisible camouflage practiced by artists who are not satisfied of the shallowness of the provisional, interpreting, inverting, transfiguring the density of the sensible world".

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